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We are a Reading based photography business providing Photographic Services in Berkshire. We absolutely love Photography but unfortunately, we need to charge for our services. The great news is that our pricing is very reasonable, added to our enthusiasm and professionalism we guarantee you will be more than satisfied with our services. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a really competitive price for your project, we do get very busy but we always try to accommodate, so give us a call.

Professional Photography Services

Black & White Photography

Black and White Photography has a timeless quality creating stunning and powerful images. Contact us now to arrange your personalised studio session

Portrait Photography

In an ever-increasing Digital World, Portrait and Head Shot Images are an essential for all. Contact us now for your personalised studio session.

Beauty Photography

It has never been simpler to get that amazing beauty look with our all inclusive Hair & Makeup Beauty Shoots. Contact us now for a Studio Session

Commercial Photography

Whatever your business, it needs to be represented with strong, powerful and inspiring images. Contact us today for your personalised quote.

Event Photography

Corporate, Commercial, Private, Stage, Theatre, Musical, Education, School - Whatever your event get a personalised quote today.

Post Production Services

We offer a full range of in-house post production services, if you require post processing or High End Retouching please get in touch.




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Reading - Berkshire

Interesting Places and Facts

Reading was first settled in the 8th century. The area around Reading was an important trading and ecclesiastical centre during the medieval period, not so much different today. Allan Forbes Photography is based in Reading and services clients throughout the Towns, Counties and Boroughs. Below are a few places of interest you might find enjoyable around our area.