Hiring Commercial Photographers

 Commercial Photographers

Hiring Commercial Photographers – What You Should Know

When it comes to capturing images, just about everyone on the planet today has a device capable of capturing images. In fact 5 billion people are estimated to have a smartphone by 2020, that’s 65% of the population, that’s a lot of potential commercial photographers.

In addition to the soaring number of Smartphones, high spec DSLR camera equipment has become available to the masses. With pricing points making it possible for just about anyone to own professional standard equipment.

So, with all these potential photographers toughing for business. How do you as a business owner ensure that you get a photographer capable of delivering exactly what you want, with the minimum of risk and at a price which represents value for money.

Scoping The project

When looking to hire a commercial photographers it is important to have scoped out as much of the project as possible. The photographer is going to needs as much information as possible to accurately work out a structure of fees.

An experienced professional photographer will walk you through the process and very often identify things you might have not yet thought about.

What are the images going to be used for.

Initially you might be looking for images to be used on the web for your website or blog. However, consider that these images might also be valuable for use later in printed media, brochures, magazines and editorials. Having all these areas considered you can detail the exact specification you require from the delivered images.

  • How many items or people do you require to be photographed?
  • Where and when will the shoot take place?
  • Do you need changes of cloths or sets.
  • Will lighting be on site or does the photographer need to supply it?
  • What dates are the products or the people available?
  • Is the venue available at that time?
  • Have you considered the lead time from the shoot to receiving the final images?

Project Budget

What is your budget? Most if not all photographers will ask you about your budget range and they will want to know exactly what your requirements and expectations are. That is why it is worth making sure you have given the project some serious consideration.

Most if not all CDs (Creative Directors) whom for the most part are very experienced, will tell you that you need to have a contingency budget. Rarely do shoots go to plan and often the brief get changed. New inspiration appears, so be prepared, photographers will always charge for doing more than what was agreed.

Photographer Fees

Photographer’s fees are structured in to three main areas. These are generally Creative Fees and as the title suggests, paying them for their creative input in the form of the session.

Licensing fees are charged for intellectual property, this will be charged depending on your intended use. Post production fees which will cover enhancing and editing images following the shoot.

In addition to the main stages of a photographer’s fees there will be a contingency allowing the photographer to bill you for additional hours over and above the agreed session time in the main agreement.

There are many options which can be offered by professional commercial photographers such as stylists, makeup artists, set designers, staging designers and finishing houses. Ask what each commercial photographer can offer with affiliated resources. Often these can be much more cost friendly than sourcing them yourself.




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